Friday, June 12, 2009

Colored layers Agar Agar

Make this for tomorrow at my sister's house gathering barbecue.

Colored layer:
1pack agar agar powder (I use swallow brand, 12g per pack)
1200 ml water
200 gm sugar
Colorings - i use pandan paste for green color (the pandan fragrants the whole agar agar); yellow & red colorings.

Coconut Milk Layer:
1pack agar agar powder (swallow brand)
400 ml concentrated coconut milk
800 ml water
200 gm of sugar
1/2 tsp salt

1. Boil the ingredients for the colored layer. Leave the colourings later. Leave it on the stove but have to bethe lowest heat or doubleboil to keep the mixture warm.

2.Boil the ingredients for the coconut layer. Leave it on the lowest heat .

3. Measure about 200 ml of agar agar and colour it in the colour you want.

4. Pour the 1st layer of 200 ml of the coconut milk agar agar. Leave to harden slightly.

5. Pour the 2nd layer of colored agar agar and leave to harden slightly.

6. Do the same alternating between the colored layer and the coconut milk layer until all the agar agar have been used up.

7. Leave the whole agar agar to cool down before refrigerating it for at least a few hours.

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