Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almond & Oats Cookies

Last week my favorite Uncle Eugene messaged me that he misses his "Almond Cookies"! I know his hint! As today I am home early, I decided to bake this Almond cookies but with oats added, because I still have half packet of oats to clear.

The recipe is the same as the Almond Cookies but replaced the almond powder with half cup of oats and have omitted the vanilla essence.

Uncle Eugene hope U'll be happy when mum bring U these cookies!

My princess smell something when I took the cookies out from the oven, she ran to me and asked for a piece, and each tray I took out from the oven, she demanded for a piece! Oh no, it won't be enough for Uncle Eugene if this continues! See at the end, got to pass her this cup of cookies to share with her grandma. As she is only 21mths, we don't allow her to eat so much cookies, grandma got to speed up her chewing so princess ends up having only a piece from the cup!

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