Saturday, June 19, 2010

Buddha Jumps over the wall ~ for mum's birthday!

I have read some books on preparation of cooking Buddha Jumps over the wall and what I gather was my own receipe! Ha ha... I guess is our family always likes the original taste from the ingredients use, so this time I didn't use any of the chinese herbs to boil.

Below is the ingredients which I have prepared. Sea cucumber & shark fins were prepared few days ago.

After 2hrs and randomly checking on the softness of the sea cucumber, see the end result below. The soup is so superior and there is no salt added at all! My family members each have more than 2 bowls of it.

Other dish beside the "zhu qiao", red fermented beancurd chicken wings, sotong balls and fried korean chilli slice fish (i use korean chilli sauce to fry).

It is not a lot of food, but sis, chye, princess & mum really have a hearty meal cooked by me!
We have home bake durian cake after the meal, that ends a happy day for mum!

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